There’s nothing easy or traditional about being an entrepreneur. The long hours day in and day out, inconsistent income, investments, networking, and facilitating rapport building activities for customers. All the while, remaining innovative, edgy, vibrant, in-the-know and composed. That said, there are actionable strategies to implement that could help factor in consistent revenue. 

Creating consistent revenue is the focal goal of any businessman or entrepreneur for obvious reasons. In order to gage that, it’s important to remember that we live in a digital age. Social media is used by billions of potential clients, regularly. It serves as a frugal outlet for putting out content, virality, exposure, connection and engagement which makes it the best bet for marketing exposure. But, it isn’t the only way. 

The underlying issue for why some entrepreneurs aren’t earning consistent revenue is that they don’t have a set strategy for lead generation. Posting on social media is only one part of the puzzle. 


Here are a few different ways to build a lead generation strategy that converts:  

    1. Effective content. 

Your content is the first impression a potential client has with you; make it memorable. Demonstrate expertise through your content. Connect. Talk about your audiences’ pain and how you’ll fix their problem. that would affect your target audience will reap virality as well as build an email list. This will make sales prospects out of customers. It’s easily the most prominent part of any lead generating strategy.

    2. Build a wider scope of potential customers.

Do this by putting out a little more diversified content. This could be done across the spectrum. Free e-books and guides are an excellent way to offer value and acquire an email list. 

    3. Demonstrate expertise. 

Offer your followers freebies like winning an opportunity to engage with you through training, webinars, live talks, etc. This is effective because it will encourage people to engage in order to win that opportunity, as well as tune in to see who actually won, and so on. It’s also an opportunity to share something of value to your customers, increase likability and convert leads. 

When you become a regular part of someone’s day, they’re more inclined to trust you and want to buy things from you. The most successful entrepreneurs and businesses got to where they are today by demonstrating expertise and extensive knowledge. 

Build an audience, utilize digital marketing, and demonstrate expertise. This will equip you with the kind of lead generation that will highly convert, exponentially.  

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