According to Pipedrive,statistics show that around one-third of all salespeople fail to hit their quotas either permanently or from time to time.” 

Closing a sale is far more sophisticated than just trying to convince someone.
Here are some mistakes you may be making when trying to close deals.

  • You do a lot more talking than listening. 

Often, sales personnel think they could convince a potential client and convert them into a loyal customer through a scripted monologue. Talking at someone is possibly the worst tactic ever.

Instead, the most effective notion is to actively listen. Active listening isn’t silence, it encompasses open-ended questions, body language, eye contact and lack of judgement. 

  • You assume you know what your target audience needs rather than making an effort to get accurate data.

In the study of behavioral science, it’s deduced that humans don’t like to be told what to do. 

“Imagine that you’re on a call with a salesperson who says something about you that isn’t totally true or is totally false,” says Miner. “How would you feel? Would you trust this salesperson?” This leads to the false notion of an assumed sale.  Instead, Miner encourages “dialogue in which the prospect does 80 to 90 percent of the talking so that they can persuade themselves through talking through their problems and potential solutions out loud.”

  • You’re trying to profit too early.

The most annoying thing that sales personnel are known for is being too pushy. You should never force your product or service on someone. That is a great way to lose them for life. 

What you should do is ask the right questions at the right time, they will persuade themselves that you are the best person to solve their problem.

  • You fail to follow up after the call. 

Make sure to follow up. There could be a reason why a customer didn’t close the first time. Its not a lost cause, try again! This makes the customer feel special, and gives them another chance to think about your brand. 

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