Do you want to expand your team?

Are you looking for the best candidates to push your team forward? 

Hiring new talents is not an easy task at all! Although there is no shortage in good talents, there is a huge possibility that you can hire  the wrong person.

Hiring the wrong person can influence your team negatively and in many cases hinder your business growth. So, you’d better choose well!

This article is here to take you through the 5 mistakes that you should avoid to establish a strong hiring process for your business to grow.  

  1. Posting Fake Jobs

Since it costs nothing to post job offers on a company website, employers sometimes post fake job opportunities just to fish for new candidates. Using the logic of “let’s see if there are good talents out there, and if so, we’ll create a position for them.”

In other cases, companies would like to keep collecting candidates for future vacancies. Moreover, sometimes ads are posted by recruiters looking for résumés to pitch to clients elsewhere. But all these phantom jobs make the labor market seem tighter than it actually is, which causes a problem for frustrated job hunters. In addition to, giving a negative reputation about your company.


  1. Vague Job Postings

Sometimes, employers post vague job postings with no details or clear requirements. This can be misleading to many applicants, so they will either apply for jobs they’re not qualified for, or just ignore the offer. 

To hunt the ideal candidate easily, create a detailed job posting. Here’s how: Use a good job title, including the name of the position and a few things that make the job interesting. Then, introduce the company shortly. Then, provide information about the position, like requirements, pay, and job benefits.  

  1. Not Testing Your Candidates

One way to improve your recruitment process is to implement various tests and analytical techniques to gain a clearer picture of the candidate applying for the job. You should go deeper than looking at a person’s resume and taking a decision based on that alone.

Even if their resume looks impressive, a test will give you better insight into how resourceful they are when presented with a new challenge.


  1. Not Considering Culture Fit

Companies should not only seek professional candidates with impressive resumes. Always remember that you are adding a new member to your team. Consider their ability to fit in and adapt to your company’s culture. Since nearly every job involves working with other people, as well as communicating with clients, you’re going to want to hire a person with strong social and adapting skills.


  1. Not Improving Your Hiring Process

Businesses should continue making new changes and using new techniques in the recruitment process until they get it right. For instance, some company recruiters ask candidates creative questions to see how they respond to sudden situations. Every business will have different situations to deal with, so it’s important to ask candidates questions relevant to your business


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