New to Facebook Ads? If yes, then you might be a bit overwhelmed by the different ad elements you have to get right for your campaign to succeed.

The success of a Facebook ad depends mainly on two elements, the copy and visual aid.

Let’s begin with the design and see how it contributes greatly to the success of your ad.

What follows are some pro tips to design a solid Facebook ad!

1-      Test Different Designs

Consumer behavior is constantly changing, which is why you need to test multiple designs and never stick to a certain style that you believe words best.

Create at least 4 different Ad designs with different copy texts, and then check which one works best.

2-      Have the Designs Reflect Buyer’s Personas

It’s important to create catchy designs that will motivate the audience to take action, that’s why you need to have your designs reflect the buyer persona of your target.

Remember, not all designs will appeal to the different audiences.

3-      Include CTAs

CTA stands for call-to-action, including proper ones will significantly increase the rate of conversion. After all, the end-goal of your ad is to have the audience take a specific action.

You can include it in your copy text or the headline, it just has to be a clickable CTA button.

4-      Include Catchy Images

Let’s be real, eye-catchy images stand out! They‘re the first thing that encourages the audience to read your ad.

So choose images that can attract the eye right away, and use contrast colors to highlight the focal point and main message of your design.

5-      Play on People’s Emotions Logically

Addressing the emotional side of consumers is great but you have to do it rationally. You want to move people but at the same time inform them about the features of your product.

The best case scenario is to play on both sides, be rational yet emotional. List the features of your brand and how it can benefit the audience and meet their needs.

When setting up your campaign, there are other things to consider besides the design of your ad. Things like the target audience, ad placements, the biddings and way more.

If it sounds too overwhelming and time-consuming, then hire someone who can do it all. Someone who’s a digital specialist and can work alongside designers to create on point designs.

Our social media wizards can help boost your campaign and create outstanding designs.