Are you looking for copywriting that can help you sell your products fast? Did you know copywriting is crucial for any business? It’s basically the reason why customers will or will not buy your product!

In this post, we will let you in on winning copywriting strategies that can make your products’ purchase rates BOOM! So, don’t underestimate what a good copy-line can do to your revenues!

Here are 6 of the most killer writing techniques that you can use for writing your copies, even if you’re not the world’s best copywriter. Try them and notice how your readers would be persuaded in a few seconds.  

1. Hit on their emotions

Have you ever just bought a product and then when you reached home you just regret buying it? You can’t even recall why on earth you’ve bought this product. The answer is: you were emotionally dragged to buy it. 

It has your favorite color or your name on it, or it says, “Happiness inside” “I’ll bring you good luck” kind of messages. So, you bought it. Nowadays, our purchase decision is mainly driven by emotions. We think that our decisions are based on logic. Well, that’s not true!

Selling a product isn’t just about showing your audience why they need what you’re selling. It’s all about hitting on their emotions and creating a scenario where people can’t live without your product.

2. Be specific

People usually look for numbers; they want to know how many people a certain product benefited. A copy that perfectly sells is the one that is “as specific as possible”. It’s always effective when you can prove your points with numbers and statistics.

3. Choose benefits over features

Always put in mind that your audience needs to see the benefits that can get out of your products rather than just a description for your product. You need to hit on their needs and show them how your products would satisfy and fill these gaps.

4. Replace your “We” with “You”

An important rule that most copywriters fail to meet, is putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. Lose all those business-centric copy-lines that show how great your company is and try to speak to your customers personally. 

A tip to start with: think of every “We” you have in your messages and try to replace them with some “You”. Adopting a customer-centric approach and language is a game-changer!

5. Make conversation

One golden rule you need to know is that copywriting is all about telling a story to sell a product. You need to create that bond with your audience that makes them attached to your brand, in order to win them as loyal customers FOREVER. 

A copy line should be like a conversation between your brand and your prospect customers. Always remember: your company has a message to get across so it’s talking with its customers directly.


6. Use simple language

At the end of the day, your brand message must reach as many prospect customers as possible, so there’s no point in using sophisticated language. 

Instead of alienating a big part of your audience or showing off your extensive vocabulary, it’s better to choose words that reach the largest number of people.

A copywriter is a marketer trying to sell a certain product just by using the right words. After all, it’s not an easy task and not everyone can do it, so why not hire a professional one to make your life easier?

With Virtual Workers Now you can get in touch with many professional copywriters that could grasp your brand values and messages well, and know how to perfectly sell it to your audience. Contact us for more information.