Instagram stories and posts are hot, they keep your audience engaged and updated. If your followers expect a certain amount of posts, you can’t disappoint them!

Automating your Instagram will save you time and maintain consistency of your posting plan, which is why we highly recommend it.

This will not only serve your business, it will also save you a lot of time. What you need to do is batch your Instagram work for the week, get it done in a day and out of the way to free yourself for more important tasks.

So how to stay ahead of the game? Let’s see!

These are some steps to follow in order to batch your Instagram content and set it on autopilot mode.

1-      Choose the Content You Want to Share 

Collect all the photos or designs that you want to post the upcoming week. Just make sure they are all consistent and match your persona.

2-      Prepare the Captions

Now that you have all the photos you would like to post, write the captions for each photo. Get yourself in the mood for writing and get it all done while you’re at it. 

3-      Include Viral Hashtags

Make sure to research the hashtags that your target audience is interested in and include these viral hashtags. You must also add specific hashtags that are relatable to your own persona.

4-      Upload to a Scheduling Tool

Now that you finally got a week worth of work done, it’s time you automate your Instagram account using a scheduling tool.

There are a number of scheduling tools that you can choose from, just pick the one you’re most familiar with and then upload the photos with their captions and hashtags to be automatically posted.  

This is the most exciting part of all! You can even take a week off and not worry about updating your Instagram feed.

So in just a hyper-focused sitting, you will be able to get things checked off your to-do list. Easy and rewarding!

If you would still like to take the entire process off your plate, we can provide you with social media wizards who know a number of useful tools.

Hiring a remote team for your social media will guarantee consistency of your posts and high engagement. They know when your audience is most effective, what intrigues them and how to provide a diverse content plan.

If all of this sounds quite appealing to you, let’s talk!