Would you choose functionality over aesthetics in architecture? Convenience over design? You don’t really have to give up one thing for the other, you can blend beauty with the functionality of your architectural design.

One of the main aspects taken into consideration in architecture is the aesthetics of the building, like what elements make it appealing, from the shape and size of the building to finding the right balance between elements and achieving unity in color.

A building should also be designed in a way that serves certain requirements, such as durability and safety.

Many architects struggle to combine between both functionality and aesthetics, they often have to choose one element to give it more attention.

One thing architectural students are taught at school is that the building’s design is based on the function of the building, but what if a client wants to get out of the box and break some rules?

Well, the design should focus more on functionality but there has to be a clear balance between both elements. The aesthetics of the building shouldn’t just be based on its functionality, it should also define its unique character.

It’s very important that you preserve the features and character of your building.

You should also take advantage of every space, and design it in a way that caters to a specific function. This will allow for a free-flow of movement in the given space, and won’t interfere with its functionality.

Also consider visual appeals, such as a sloped roof, the placement of lighting, including decorative columns/ arches, any simple piece will serve the aesthetics of your building.

If you’re looking for a solid architect to fuse these two main aspects in designing your building, we can connect you with the best!

Our architects understand the efficiency of functionality and the importance of an aesthetically-designed building, they know how to compromise between the two elements to deliver you with a project you can’t reject. 

They’re able to bridge the two aspects of a building, so that YOU don’t have to decide which aspect is more valuable and which to give up.

If you can’t wait for the outcome, let’s talk!