Videos have a way of getting to people, they can trigger a certain response or action if executed properly. 

As a business owner, you want your videos to be engaging and prompt action, right? Well, the way towards achieving this is by evoking emotion in your videos.

How? As humans, we react to different visuals, our brain connects these visuals to certain emotions which could trigger happiness, anger, nostalgia or sadness.

So how can you create a video that the audience would find engaging and develop feelings of empathy which could eventually lead to your desired action? Let’s see!

1- Choosing the Right Colors

Your audience reacts to the color palette you select for the video, and each color you choose can evoke a certain feeling.

Take blues-greens as an example, they evoke calmness and pleasant emotions, while yellow-greens can cause uneasiness and worry.

Besides choosing certain shades to evoke a specific emotion, you should also use those that match the context of your field. Doctors for instance, never include a red color in their videos.

2- Communicate Facial Expressions

If your video includes characters, then make sure that their facial expressions are clear and apparent. This will help communicate how they feel to the audience and ultimately have your audience relate to them.

Facial expressions can convey messages without the need of a voiceover or a text, a raised eyebrow or a forced smile can communicate so much without words.

3- Choosing the Right Track

Music plays a significant role in communicating the vibes of your video and how the audience will perceive it.

The same video can make you feel enthusiastic or down, based on which track was paired with it.

Music affects the way the audience sees visuals, if people listen to a sad tune before seeing an image, they will automatically assume that the next visual will be saddening.

4- The Power of Sound Effects

Sound effects can intensify emotions along with music, pair the two together and you will be able to move people and evoke their emotions.

This can be pretty obvious in horror movies, where hearing noises of a squeaky door can get you to the edge of your seat.

5- A Story to Tell

Having a plot or a story to tell can make your video more personal, as many people could relate to it and thus develop an emotional connection.

In order for you to come up with a story that moves them, think of the lifestyle of your target audience and what would be of great interest to them.

The key point here is to have a plot that showcases your audience’s experiences. If you manage to make this happen, they’ll empathize with the message of your video.

 If you’re not a professional video editor and if all of this seems too overwhelming, then you should consider hiring a video editor who can handle it all for you. 

Videos are the best way to connect with your audience on an emotional level, and we can connect you with the best video editors who can utilize all the previously mentioned elements to create a winning video for you.