Before going through how to build your own sales funnel model, let’s get to know more about the sales funnel concept. Simply put, the sales funnel resembles the cycle that a customer goes through when he first learns about your brand till the last stage where he places the first order.

The customer goes through 4 main stages; awareness, interest, decision and actions. Each business can have its own sales funnel design, but before you try coming up with your special one, have a look at the below stages in order to know how to do this perfectly.

1.    Understand your audience:

 Your key in building any model for your business is the audience. Once you know your audience well, you’ll be able to identify the rest. Therefore, the first stage in building your own successful sales funnel is: A clear understanding of your target audience. First, you need to identify their demographics (e.g. age, gender, etc…), in addition to studying their behavior. Their social media engagement and interaction with your different platforms and website.

 2.  Have a clear content strategy:

Now that you understood your audience, it’s time to reward them with content that adds to their knowledge or inspires them. You should keep them attracted to your content and eagerly waiting for more. Moreover, you now know their behavior and can identify what would appeal to them and what will not. So, you can easily come up with content that grabs their attention in just a few seconds. First, draft a clear calendar with your timelines and decide the type of content you’re going to post on each platform.

 3. Promote your content:

Next, you need to get your great content promoted, in order to reach the right target audience. Accordingly, you need a clear plan to promote it on different social media platforms. You might think that content promotion is a hard step, however once you nail this step a big part of your job will be done. There are many ways to grab your audience’s attention and get your content promoted.

You can use search engine optimization SEO techniques, having your content shared and recommended by social media influencers or have some paid ads. The methods are countless, you just need to seek the ideal one for your business and your platforms.

 4. Create landing pages

 If you played the “landing pages” card right, it would definitely double your followers and increase the engagement. When people click on your social media ads, they should be immediately directed to one of your informative landing pages on your website that includes your clear “call-to-action”. This way, you can win a new visitor, who can turn out to be a loyal customer.

5. Develop emailing strategy

 By reaching this point, supposedly you would have a large customer base. So, what’s next?

Your next step should be how to showcase your brand and educate people about it. One simple way to achieve this is by creating an email drip campaign. Don’t underestimate the importance of newsletters with interesting content that grabs the reader’s attention. However, be careful, you don’t want to spam your audience with too many emails. In order not to have them run from you. Play it smart!

 6. Create a follow-up strategy

The way you treat your customer after their first contact with your brand, can make or break the deal. Always make sure to keep a sincere follow-up. You need to keep in touch with your clients, in order to win them forever. This can happen through different gentle approaches.  is to stay in touch with them by offering customer support and soliciting feedback. You can send them thank you messages or follow-up emails, to make sure that their experience was a positive one. Moreover, you can offer them an incentive for their future purchases such as an extra discount. To guarantee that they’ll contact you again.

No doubt that each business is unique on its own and requires a tailor-made model to be run, especially when it comes to sales. What applies for a certain business, can fail with another one. So, it’s not a one size fits all! At Virtual Workers Now, we understand your business uniqueness, and deal with you accordingly. We can help you plan your ideal model that would massively maximize your sales. All you need to do is drop us a message and let’s get in contact.