Do you struggle with reaching out to new possible clients? Does your business depend on finding new leads? Then you must consider Linkedin as an effective way for you to attract those clients.

Generating new leads requires a lot of time in order for you to find qualifying leads, so if you can’t afford to lose any time, then leave it to virtual assistants to find you eligible leads!

Here are some ways VAs can help your company grow by attracting clients on Linkedin.

1-      Setting Up a Professional Profile

First thing you should do is make sure that your Linkedin profile is professional, client-focused and has all the details clients may need to know about your business.

VAs can easily make this happen by giving your profile a quick professional makeover.

2-      Identify Your Target Market

In order to generate leads through Linkedin, you must identify your target market and who you want to attract.

You can depend on your VAs to think of common titles that clients of your target market use, this way you can be easily connected with possible leads.

VAs can also hunt down possible clients through LinkedIn groups and LinkedIn advanced search.

3-      Stay Connected

When someone accepts your invitation to connect, don’t jump in right away to promote your business. Start by sending a simple ‘thank you’ message.

VAs can help take this off your plate and connect with clients on your behalf, they can also moderate your messages to see if anyone is interested in engaging in a business conversation.

4-      Keep Your Profile Updated

You have to constantly update your profile with new projects, added skills or qualifications. If you have another personal profile, make sure to update that too.

You can constantly share with VAs your latest projects and once they’re aware of a new one, they can add it to your profile right away.

5-      Nurture New Leads

The end-goal isn’t for your VA to get you leads, but also nurture them by handling them in a proper way.

Your VA can help nurture new leads by following up with them, responding to their needs, making introductions and providing help whenever needed.

Linkedin is a platform rich with possibilities and opportunities waiting for you to grasp them, you just have to find the time and effort to utilize such an excellent social networking tool.

If it’s a hassle for you and want to relieve yourself from such tasks, then we recommend you hire a virtual assistant immediately.

This isn’t the only task a VA can help you with, what they could do goes way beyond that! Interested in knowing more? Let’s connect and talk!