As a client, you don’t have to be an expert in almost every field for you to give constructive feedback. But not being able to evaluate the work of your team may cause an unnecessary conflict, because unclear communication may occur.

Dealing with graphic designers without having an artistic background can get you lost in the world of visuals, where everything looks original but you still feel that something is wrong.

But how can you express your feedback in a partial and professional manner? Here is a number of clear criteria that can help you give honest and constructive feedback.

1-      Use the Right Keywords

You have to use the proper keywords and expressions when referring to the elements of a design, keywords like lines, shapes, colors and letters. All of these are called design elements and it’s important to use them when discussing a design.

What you are looking for between those elements are harmony and composition. Is the composition out of balance? Does the design lack harmony?

Try and learn these basic principles in design, to help you put your hands on what’s wrong with the design and indicate areas of possible imbalance.

This actually brings us to number 2!

2-      Understanding Basic Design Elements

Any design is built on 4 basic principles known as C.R.A.P which stands for Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity.

Ask yourself the following questions as you thoroughly study a design:

1-      Is there a flow between the design elements?

2-      Do they have enough contrast between them?

3-      What is the visual message of the design?

4-      Do the design elements have a clear alignment?

Your answers will shape your feedback and help you to clearly deliver your point of view, also try and propose a solution to make it better.

3-      Study the Color Palette 

Color is another essential element. Designers choose a specific palette to serve a certain vision in mind, so if you don’t see a reason on why a certain color was chosen, ask the designer.

4-      Find the Emphasized Element

There is always that one item in a design that needs to be highlighted. In design, it’s known as the emphasis.

So always look for this element in any design, and make sure that it serves the purpose of your message and that it’s not misleading.

5-      Evaluate the Typos

Evaluate the typography of the design as it sends a strong message. If you’re not comfortable with the fonts and typefaces used, express your concerns to the designer.

The process of evaluating and adjusting designs can be quite hectic, and it does take time to finalize a design.

If this is something you want to take off your plate to free time for more important stuff, we can provide you with the best team of designers! 

We will handle the entire process of finalizing a design, as we have an art director who supervises senior graphic designers. 

That way, the designs go through a cycle of amendments before delivering you with the catchy and flawless design you have in mind. Lets talk!