Videos have always been one of the smartest and tools to promote a person or a brand. If you want your voice to be heard, make a video. If you want to showcase your brand, make some video ads. In fact, videos are one of the most popular and massively wanted content type. Consumers are easily attracted to videos and they would always pay attention to your content if you knew how to grab their attention and keep them entertained till the last minute.

So, if you’re willing to launch your Youtube channel, let’s dive into the easiest steps to get you started and make you rock the platform in few hours!

 First things first:

Yes, it goes without saying, you’ll need to create a channel first by logging into Youtube. But no worries this is like the easiest step. Youtube has made it super easy for you to create your channel, with some clicks you’ll have your channel done.

 Invest in the basics:

Although a name and cover photo are changeable aspects in your profile. However, this how your audience will be greeted whenever they click on your channel. First, you need to come up with a name that’s meaningful to you and works as a teaser for your content. A name that is easy for people to memorize and use for searching for your channel. Similarly, your cover photo should appeal to the viewer and give a glimpse about who you are/ or what your brand is all about.  

 Focus on the about section:

If you’re launching this YouTube channel to draw the people’s attention to your content/brand, then you should have this super catchy “about section” from which the viewers will decide whether to subscribe to your channel or not. So, this step could make your channel or break it! In this section, you should describe your brand and what viewers can expect to see on your channel. This is also where you could direct people to your website or social media platforms through adding their links. This description will appear in more than one place on your channel, so make sure to sell your content well!

 Create a killer Trailer:

This step might seem not important or it’s extra work but trust me you trailer is what sells your video. If you managed to win your audience with a killer trailer, you can guarantee that they will stay tuned for your videos. Channel trailers must be short and informative, since they should be like a good introduction for new visitors. Also, through your trailer, you can let your audience know who you are or what your business is all about and what kind of content they can expect to see on your channel.

Have a clear plan:

Since you’re starting a YouTube channel you should identify the type of content you want to create. Before deciding you need to do some research and gather some material as reference to start with. There are many approaches you can deliver your message with. Check different video types (e.g. testimonials, tutorials, etc…) and choose the type that goes in line with your plan. Always remember that video is a powerful marketing technique that draws customers toward your brand. The more you cater to your target market, the more likely they will want to look at your content.


At this stage, you’ve probably done a great amount of research about your first video and if you already created your killer trailer and all the above things in your pocket, then SHOOT! You are now ready to launch your channel and upload your first Youtube video ever!   


Now that you’ve launched your channel and posted your first video, you will probably need some guidance on how to put your ideas in a well-organized well as, how to create videos that go viral and get you millions of viewers. In this phase a pro’s opinion will be needed, so get in contact with one of our “Video Geeks” at Virtual Workers Now and let’s make great videos together!