Thinking of hiring a writer soon to bring your business’ identity to life? Then put the following in mind when hiring a new writer.

You first have to think of what your business needs exactly and what kind of a writer your scope of work needs.

People often get confused between the roles of a content writer and a copywriter which makes them overlook some major differences. Understanding each role will help you determine which writer your business actually needs.

The Copywriter 

Copywriters master the art of persuasion, they know what to say and how to say it in order to persuade a certain action, whether to buy a product or shift from one brand to another. They mainly write copies for advertisements, print ads, brochures, digital ads, etc.

Seeing that the goal of copywriters is to persuade, their writing can be more engaging and interactive. Some copywriters are specialized in SEO, advertisements and product copies. Some may even be focused on a specific industry or field.

So if your business needs to create an ad copy or have content written for its website, then a copywriter is your go-to!

Content Writer 

As for content writers, they are more concerned with writing educational, entertaining and informing content. They are fully aware of social media and online marketing strategies, they know what the readers expect to read and they deliver it.

They can create content for several online platforms, including blogs, social media and email. Their aim is to connect with the target audience through catchy and interactive content.

So if you only want a writer to handle your social media platforms, then definitely hire a content writer. They know social media by heart and will create engaging and relatable content for your brand.

They are also trend seekers who are always up to date and know how to use these trends for your favor by creating viral content.  

In other words, while a copywriter aims at persuading a certain action, a content writer tries to engage with the reader and build a community of loyal customers.

Now that you know the basic differences, which role does your business require? A copywriter to grab the audience’s attention, position your brand and set it apart from competitors? Or a content creator to interact with your audience and build a loyal fan base?

You’re now ready to hire! Just contact us and we will provide you with top notch writers who have a way with words.

We can even determine the kind of writer your business needs, just sit back and leave it all to us.