Nowadays advertising on social media has found to be more effective than offline ads. Accordingly, many brands use their social media platforms for advertising. Not only to reach more of their following but to reach the larger market, too. However, crafting an effective online ad that actually reaches your audience isn’t luck–it’s the result of testing and strategic thinking. 

When it comes to creative ads, there are many ways to get your audience’s attention. Images and videos are two powerful types of advertisement that can boost your social media engagement perfectly! But which one is more effective, that’s an important question to ask! other?


Image ads

Speaking about images, they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”! images are an easy advertisement tool to deliver your brand messages. Image ads can be easily created rather than videos. They don’t take long hours or days to be created, so you’ll be able to deliver your message in a short time and receive the feedback immediately. Moreover, they are more economic and less costly compared to videos. So, you can see their results in a short time and without spending much. 

Imagine scrolling through your newsfeed, which ad can reach you faster and make you check it, an image or a video? Images can grab your audience attention in just 2 seconds, it doesn’t take much time for your audience to understand it. Sometimes people are not in the mood to concentrate for a long time. Therefore, seeing an image including your brand logo and carrying your brand message in a simple yet creative way, would definitely score a goal in this case and get more people to engage with it compared to a long video.


Video ads

When you choose to showcase your message using a video, you’re choosing to take your customer on a short journey to convince him with your product. Your brand gets to spend more time with the customer compared to the time taken to look at a static image. Creating a video ad gives you one ultimate advantage you cannot pull off with image ads. A video can speak for your brand way better than an image, it delivers messages and information in a few minutes that could easily stay on the viewers mind for a long time. Which is a very important advantage.

For example, if you try adding all your messages in an image add, the image would be boring and disturbing. So, you might run the risk of losing the audience and having them simply move on. However, in a one or two-minute video ad, it’s much easier to convey a lot of messages to prospects and get them to listen to you. You can give them answers to the things they’ll need to know to make an informed purchase decision.

Another thing, in video ads, there’s more room for you to showcase your brand values and get the audience know your brand well and believe in it. This way you can win your audience forever, since people prefer to buy products from brands they know well and could trust. Videos help you build a stronger bond with your audience.

Social media is all about trial and error! What works best for your business today and seems appealing to your audience, might not be the same tomorrow. Also, what works for your competitors might not bring you the same engagement and vice versa. Before deciding which type of ad you should go for (a video or image ad), you need to know which one would be more beneficial for your business. Virtual Workers Now can help you identify the suitable type of ad for your business, so you don’t spend too much money with no remarkable results. Let’s schedule a meeting and start working on your business plan. We would love to hear from you!