Video Sales Letter (VSLs) are among the most effective marketing strategies that you should definitely take advantage of in your sales funnel.

VSLs can really benefit your sales funnel, seeing how it helps convert traffic into leads and turn leads into actual customers.

Why? Because most people would rather watch a video content than read a long written one. Videos grab their attention and connect with them on a deeper level.

Before we dive into its benefits and why you need to include it to your sales funnel, let us give you a clearer definition of what VSLs are all about.

A video sales letter is similar to your traditional sales letter, but it’s video-based to grab the attention of your audience.

VSLs do have sales copy, just not as much as a written copy would have but they still get the job done!

What follows is how you can create an effective VSL and how it can contribute greatly to your business.

1-      Videos Are Intriguing

Customers can scroll by long posts and blogs but a video with a catchy thumbnail can surely grab their attention! So the first thing you have to do is make sure that your video answers to clients’ needs.

An effective way to start your video is by stating a problem with the aim of solving it at the end.

2-      Elaborate

After clearly stating a problem, explain to the audience how this problem relates to them and why they should pay attention.

You want to have them emotionally connect to you but at the same time use logical reasons and rationale.

3-      Push Them to Take An Action

After stating a problem and clearly explaining it, customers at this point are eager to learn about the solution and try it. You have to make them take action to immediately solve the problem.

4-      Give Them The Solution

Now that your audience is intrigued and hooked, they’re ready to hear your solution and do as you say. 

You also have to explain why you have given yourself the authority to provide such a solution, in order to earn their trust.

5-      Relate the Problem to Your Product

It’s time you talk about the features of your products, start by the most significant benefit to the least. After that, you should persuade them towards a certain call-to-action, the target here is the person with the purchasing power and the decision maker.

So with that being said, you now know how VSLs can really grow your business and boost your sales! Which is why you need to take advantage and utilize it to your favor.

We have also walked you through the steps of creating a powerful video, it’s time for you to get started with your next video script!

If you don’t know where to start, we can help you get this task out of your way and onto your sales funnel! Just contact us and we’ll get you the best team who can make this happen for you.