First impressions can last forever and given that you have a limited amount of time to grab a visitor’s attention to your website, you need to give them an experience they can’t forget! 

If your website is cluttered and your messages are not clear or hidden, people will not feel invited to scroll down nor check out your website.  

The below are 5 solutions or updates you can do to your website to create a better first impression. This way visitors will be encouraged to stay on your website and maybe recommend you to other people as well. Go on, make your guests want to visit you again!


Is it Mobile-Friendly?

This is an important question to raise, especially in this world we’re living in, where mobiles are glued to our hands. Having a mobile-friendly site is not an option nowadays, it’s more of an obligation for your website to reach more people. Updating your website to become mobile-friendly would guarantee a better user-experience for your visitors when they land on your website. If your website is hard to navigate from the mobile, people are not going to stay on your website for a long time.


Highlight your CTA

Your call to action is a complete game changer! When visitors use your website and are not clearly directed to a certain action, you can immediately lose them. If they’re interested in your products, a powerful call to action will grab their attention and get them to make a purchase. Another hint for your CTA buttons, you can choose a suitable contrasting color for them. A nice warm color could grab their attention and make them notice it more! 


Avoid Testimonial Pages

Although, “Testimonials” are a great way to showcase your brand to your visitors, using your client’s voice to market for your brand. However, people are not usually interested in visiting boring testimonial pages, therefore you should think of better ways to deliver “what people say about your brand” messages. The best way to do this is to scatter it throughout your site. No one will be interested in videos that merely praise you, so you need to bring the good things folks are saying about you to the forefront. 

Add Carousels

Motion can always grab your visitors’ attention. A text that is static, could seem boring for most people, therefore having sliding images accompanied with 2 or 3 sentences that deliver a certain message to the visitors could be useful. You can also use those sliders to direct the audience to different pages of your website to get them to have a look at the whole website.


Update your Team Page

A brilliant way to make your audience trust you and get to know you better is to introduce your team to them and show them the people behind your brand. Before urging them to buy from you, make them feel familiar with your brand and team. Let the visitor learn more about your brand values and what your culture is all about. At the end of the day, people do business with people so let your visitors see who they’re dealing with. You don’t have to make it seem professional, just give some information about your team members’ interests and hobbies, information that customers can relate to. 


Always remember to give your guests a good reason to come back and visit or at least stick around your website. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks on how to revamp your website and keep it interesting for your visitors, contact Virtual Workers Now!