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January Discount - Up to 30% OFF ALL VA Services

Meet Virtual Worker Now

Your One-Stop-Shop For Global Staffing.
Discover Our Journey from a Two-Person Team to a Business-Scaling Powerhouse

Meet The Founders

Youssef Sabry


Owner and co-founder of Virtual Worker Now (VWN) and Virtual Courses Now.

Host of the YSMindset Podcast - the #1 Arabic Podcast in the world.

A renowned Social Media expert, boasting over 290K followers on Instagram, 134k subscribers on YouTube, and 1.4M monthly views.

Jonathon kendall


A seasoned Copywriting & Marketing Expert.

Instrumental in raising over $100M for high-profile brands like RadioShack, Pier 1 Imports, Crush Capital, Dressbarn, FarmersCart, and MentorBox.

Renowned for creating sales funnels that have generated Tens of Millions in sales.

rana shams

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Expert in business operations, automation, and systems engineering.

Scaled VWN from a modest team of 5 to a robust workforce of over 400 in less than three years.

Specializes in international recruitment, hiring, and training.

Hesham Sobhy

Co-founder and Video Editing Manager

Oversaw the creation of over a BILLION+ minutes of watched content. Our clients get more than one million views per day on average.

Served over 100+ clients, 20+ clients with more than 100K followers, and some of the most famous influencers in the world.

Lead a team that generated $10M+ in sales for our clients.

Who We Are

At Virtual Worker Now, we are a dynamic and expanding team of global experts, each bringing unique skills and insights. Our specialists are proficient in multiple, distinct specializations; and are not placed simply to “do tasks” - they are dedicated to enhancing business efficiency, accelerating growth, and boosting the profitability of our clients.

We hire and train our staff so they are always up to date with the latest trends, technology, and software. We are committed to keeping our clients on the cutting edge, even if they're too busy to do so themselves.

Who we hire

Employee spotlight

Rana Hamza
Social Media Manager

From a humble start in Customer Service to leading our Social Media department, Rana's story touches our hearts. Every step was fueled by passion, resilience, and an insatiable hunger for growth.

More importantly, the heart she pours into every task. Rana embodies dedication and has inspired us all.

Here's to Rana, a beacon of determination and heart.

Core Values

Our Story

Like many great startups, VirtualWorkerNow was born from Silicon Valley… in an attempt to solve its own problem. In 2019, Jonathon was the CEO of a fast-growing tech startup but had one glaring problem: hiring. After struggling to find the right team by “hiring” overpriced in-house employees, and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on Upwork and Fiverr, he finally found his solution…

Youssef Sabry, a social media expert, had serendipitously started a video editing agency just as Jonathon’s company was beginning to scale. Quickly Jonathon realized that Youssef could solve all his hiring problems.

“Ask Yousef,” quickly became the mantra of many digital marketing companies.

Though Youssef had a problem himself: how to keep up with such a fast-growing demand? This is when Jonathon and Youssef combined forces to co-found VirtualWorkerNow. Fast forward 4 years later, and they’ve been able to place more than 1,000 VAs at companies all around the world.

Though they both admit their most important hires were Hesham and Rana, now co-owners of VirtualWorkerNow, to round out the super team. With the combination of Rana’s operations genius, Hesham’s video editing prowess, Jonathon’s digital marketing expertise, and Youssef’s visionary approach to social media…

they’re humble enough to know that there is much left to learn… but also confident enough to know that VitualWorkerNow has only just begun.

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