January Discount - Up to 30% OFF
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January Discount - Up to 30% OFF ALL VA Services

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dON'T mAKE tHESE mistakes

What happens if you don't
use Expert Video Editors

Content Burnout

Trying to edit videos on your own or with inexperienced editors will lead to burnout: making the video creation process daunting, inefficient, and exhausting. 

Not Keeping Up With Trends

Don't miss out on the latest viral hooks, trending music, and video editing trends that will give your content a competitive edge and make it stand out.

Don't Ruin Your Reputation

Low quality video editing will harm your brand's reputation: decreasing sales, loyalty, and referrals. 

Opportunity Cost

Stop spending your valuable time on video editing tasks! Instead, focus on revenue generating activities. Leave this the small stuff to us. 


Revolutionize Your Video Content

Our onboarding Process

How it works


Define Your Video Editing Goals

During this phase, we'll collaborate to outline your specific video editing requirements: brand, style, tone, and objectives. Our account manager will help you manage and train the ideal candidate for your company.


Seamless Communication

Next, we'll set up efficient communication channels to ensure a seamless editing process. We'll agree on key editing guidelines and priorities, allowing you to track progress effectively. Additionally, we'll provide access to essential editing tools and resources to support the process.


Ongoing Improvement

Your video editing specialist will integrate seamlessly within your marketing team. They will consistently adapt to your needs as your brand evolves and will stay on the cutting edge of what's happening with AI, software, and social media trends.

Our Promise to You

No Long Term Contracts.
Pricing For Scale.

Flexible solutions with scalable pricing to match your business evolving needs.

Our Promise to You

No Long Term Contracts.
Pricing For Scale.

Flexible solutions with scalable pricing to match your business's evolving needs.

The VWN Difference

Our 7-Step Selection
and Support Process

Our process is designed to ensure we deliver top-notch video editing specialists who are well-prepared to meet your needs:

Comprehensive Application
We start with a thorough application process, gathering essential information.
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Skills Showcase
Candidates demonstrate their video editing talents and skills, proving their expertise in the field.
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Compatibility Assessment
We delve deeper into compatibility through recruiter interviews, ensuring a good fit for your video editing requirements.
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Specialized Fit
Department manager interviews ensure candidates are the right match for specialized video editing roles.
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Intensive Training
Our team undergoes intensive training, amassing over 100 hours of expertise to prepare them thoroughly for your video editing tasks. They are well-versed in industry-standard tools, including Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Descript, Otter.ai, and Elvenlabs
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Quality Control
Dedicated managers ensure excellence before delivery, fine-tuning work for perfection and rapid improvement if necessary.
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Transparent Progress
Our in-house tracking system ensures radical transparency, monitoring hours, and KPIs in our video editing services. Our tools empower you to own your content and track progress independently.
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