January Discount - Up to 30% OFF
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January Discount - Up to 30% OFF ALL VA Services

VWN Application Process for Customer Support Agent

Unlock Your Potential, Shape Your Future.

Welcome to our three-step application process at VWN. Step one involves our general application, step two includes our skills assessment, and the final step is where you can book your first interview. Please take a moment to review the instructions provided for each step below, and we recommend keeping this page open for your reference as you progress through the process.

01 Introduce yourself

*Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in disqualification from the assessment.

02 We Have a QUICK
QUICK Task For You!

*Please comply with the above requirements to avoid disqualification from the assessment.

03 Secure Your
First Interview!

*We look forward to connecting with you!

you got this

good luck!